Vipp Hotel


We broke up our time spent in Copenhagen with a visit to Stockholm by train. We spent a few days exploring Sweden before returning to Copenhagen for our final night’s stay at the Vipp Chimney House, a part of the Vipp Hotel. This unique concept includes single-unit accommodations in different locations. From the Vipp Shelter in the Swedish forests to the Vipp Loft, downtown Copenhagen, the concept’s motto is, “As soon as you check-in at the Vipp Hotel, it’s fully booked.”

Vipp Hotel

Vipp is a heritage brand founded in Denmark that dates back to 1939 to produce a rubbish bin. That’s right, a garbage can. Since then, the classic Vipp pedal bin has been supplemented by a full-blown design universe of accessories, furniture, kitchens, and even architectural destinations under the Vipp Hotel line of properties.

Staying at the Vipp Chimney House, a historic water pumping station constructed in 1902, was a dream come true and made possible thanks to a gift from friends. The property was reborn from ruins by a prominent Danish architect, David Thulstrup. The entire “hotel room” is furnished with Vipp homeware products, lighting, a kitchen system, and their first-ever furniture collection. What an excellent way to let people test drive your products and decide for themselves if they love it enough to make the purchase (or investment) for their own home.

Here we have once again another experience that was designed to immerse you in their brand by way of comfortable spaces where people can spend a considerable amount of time in, and in the process, become loyal customers and followers for life.




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