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In Studio with CKY Design

Megan Hudacky, the founder of cky design, boasts over two decades of experience within the design industry. From collaborating with renowned architecture and design firms to crafting custom lighting and furniture pieces, Megan's passion for meticulous detailing resonates throughout her work. Featured in esteemed publications such as Sunset Magazine, Dwell, 5280, Residential Architect, and Inc Magazine, she has also been part of award-winning team projects recognized with the AIA “Architects Choice Awards” and “Built Interiors” AIA Merit Award.

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FF: What path did you take for your education in design?

CKY: I studied for four years at the University. One of my semesters was spent studying art history and interior design in Italy. That was an experience that directed my next steps in life. I met some great friends while studying in Italy, and they were moving to Colorado. I followed their lead and got a job at the best architecture/design firm in town, Semple Brown Design.  


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FF: At what age or moment in your life did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in Interiors? 

CKY: My older sister, five years my senior, studied interior design, and she showed me the side of design that was architectural and artistic. I loved that combination. Her presentations and sketches were so interesting to me. Hand-drawn line drawings and perspective renderings... I thought it was a great thing to keep exploring.

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FF: Was there an early experience you had with a work that had an impact on you? Or, that influenced your design style? 

CKY: I have loved modern design for as long as I can remember. My grandparents had this beautiful home in Oklahoma where I’m from. It was a 1-1/2 story ranch home on a corner lot, modern in style. It had big open windows framing the backyard, stacked stone interior fireplaces, pink metal cabinets in the kitchen, wood-paneled walls throughout, velvet wall covering, mid-century furniture. I remember the record player cabinet with burlap speakers in the living room with curved sofas and glass tables. That was our favorite place to be. I have a few of the blueprints framed in my office. I still love to look at the layout of the space as a reference for ideas.

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FF: How do you balance function and aesthetics in your work? 

CKY: My design process starts with the fundamental requirements of our clients and the space. Once we determine this list, we study a design direction where the aesthetics make sense organically to create a beautiful space. We firmly believe the home should function for our daily life.

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FF: In addition to a home’s architecture, what role do you think furnishings and curated objects play in the story of our lives?

CKY: I think they have a big role in our lives. They tell stories of travel, friendships, family's past, gatherings, experiences, reflection.

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FF: What is it that excites you the most about your work as an interior designer?

CKY: This is a hard question because there are so many stages that happen during the process. I would say the beginning, the middle, and the completion. In the beginning, I’m excited to start mixing in these great things together: the owner’s tastes/wants/needs, the budget/schedule, and then our ideas. This fun conceptual stage where we have big ideas that we get to edit and build on.

The middle, seeing these conceptual ideas come alive in the drawing process and the construction. When you’re standing in space to see the true scale and experience how details are going to look and function.

The completion, finally moving furniture, accessories, home goods, and art into the home and seeing our clients' excitement about this new space they get to live in every day.

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