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A post from the Berlin office about our own stylist Santiago Brotons from Spain.

Architectural Digest has interviewed our interior designers, Santiago Brotons, for two separate articles.

Santiago Brotons are from Spain but lives in Berlin. He is all about architecture, Interiors and styling and works for Fantastic Frank in Berlin. 

Mr Brotons explains what he thinks about furniture: "I am a person who changes my home interior constantly. I love experimenting with different spaces! In addition I really enjoy changing the layout of where I put things, I do it all the time. I am passionate about design and anything that I consider beautiful I buy; when I see it it clicks in my head. Then I realize that I don't have room in my apartment and have to give them back to the store."

He also explains on how they took on this apartment. "For this project we decided to opt for a color range that includes a bright color, such as blue or yellow, in combination with neutral tones like gray and white. The idea was to achieve an elegant combination yet modern."

Read the full article here.

Architectural Digest also wrote an article about one of Fantastic Franks recent listings. The apartment is a piece of New York loft in the center of former West Berlin. Santiago explains how he wanted a Scandinavian touch on the images and to prove that these stagings do not have to be ephemeral, Santiago points. "The current owner of this loft apartment fell in love with the furniture Linnea and I prepared to present this property and ended up buying most of them. We usually work with the staging of some corners of the property, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the buyer. So that you feel inspired and curious about the rest of the apartment and that you feel that this is real. We create a different atmosphere in each project, adapting the buyer profile and style of each house, to make it more personal and naturally beautiful."

Read the article here.




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